Time is running out….

Time is running out….

The deadline for self assessment, year ending April 2017 is fast approaching!! HMRC is keen to crack down on late self assessment submissions and have therefore introduced new penalties that mean the longer you delay, the more you will have to pay.

Now there is an automatic penalty of £100 for filing a late return, even if you don’t owe any tax!. After three months a daily charge of £10 will kick in up to a maximum of £900. Further penalties will be charged at six months and 12 months. This means that you could end up owing up to £1,600 in penalties regardless of how much tax you owe.

With that in mind, it really isn’t worth putting it on the ‘to do’ pile! Let us take the stress, time and worry away and do it for you. We want you to be making money, not losing money to the Tax man with hefty fines.

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